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日期 : 2022-07-01
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[Singapore Hengtai Jewelry Precious Metals Recycling Company] Focus on recycling and refining all kinds of precious metal waste (gold, silver, ruthenium, palladium, platinum, iridium, rhodium, etc.) gold recycling, platinum recycling, palladium recycling, platinum rhodium wire recycling, iridium recycling, ruthenium recycling, all containing gold edges material recycling. Tel: 88187508, whatsapp: 88187508, weichat: 13790421441

Nationwide special personnel come to the door for high-priced recycling: gold-containing waste recycling: gold salt, gold water, gold plating, gold paste, gold liquid, gold powder, gold wire, gold slag, gold flakes, gold balls, gold absorbing nets, gold absorbing materials, gold collecting equipment, gold tailings, gold trim, etc.; silver-containing scrap recycling: conductive silver paste, silver welding rod, silver cleaning cloth, silver glue, silver powder, silver solder tab, silver contact, silver nitrate, silver chloride, silver sulfide, silver 925, silver Sheet, silver plate, silver water, silver wire, silver salt, silver oxide, etc. Ruthenium-containing waste recycling: ruthenium powder, ruthenium oxide, waste ruthenium slag, crude ruthenium, industrial ruthenium, ruthenium-zinc catalyst, ruthenium carbon, ruthenium block, ruthenium slurry, ruthenium liquid, ruthenium slag, ruthenium-plated titanium mesh, ruthenium trichloride, etc. Palladium-containing waste recycling: palladium chloride, palladium salt, colloidal palladium, palladium water, palladium powder, silver palladium slurry, palladium carbon, palladium platinum rhodium powder, ternary catalyst, palladium catalyst, palladium block, palladium sheet, palladium alloy, palladium slag, and other waste palladium materials.

Recycling of iridium-containing waste: iridium powder, iridium block, iridium-plated slag, iridium crucible, iridium-plated titanium mesh, iridium alloy, iridium scrap, iridium gold, iridium water, chloroiridic acid, iridium-containing liquid, iridium-ruthenium alloy and other platinum-containing wastes Recycling: platinum carbon, ammonia chloroplatinate, potassium chloroplatinate, platinum slurry, platinum sponge, platinum oxide, platinum black, platinum catalyst, platinum liquid, platinum-iridium alloy, platinum paste, platinum water, platinum-rhodium wire, etc.; containing rhodium Scrap recycling: rhodium slurry, rhodium water, rhodium powder, rhodium chloride, rhodium slag, rhodium carbon, rhodium catalyst, rhodium-plated parts, rhodium wire, rhodium liquid, rhodium nitrate, platinum-rhodium alloy, etc. Hengtai will solve all precious metals for you Recycling puzzles and can cooperate to provide various ways to cooperate! Commitment to do: integrity management, fair and reasonable prices, regardless of the level of content, the quantity is not limited, can be recycled at a high price, and strict customer confidentiality. Nationwide, you can quickly come to the door to purchase, telephone 84528527, WeChat 13790421441. Look forward to working with you.

Jinbai Xu