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Concentrate dish cleaner

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日期 : 2021-02-08

Successmore NEATLY HOME range of products - Concentrated Dish Cleaner:

This concentrate dish cleaner is used for cleaning bowls, plates

and other kitchen utensils. It can efficiently remove stains and

grease, making your items perfectly clean. Besides, it is possible

to use this cleaner to remove dirt from the surface of fruits and

vegetables. Since its cleaning agents derive from natural plants,

this cleaner is biodegradable.

  • This concentrate dish cleaner can clean more dishes than normal

dish cleaners.

  • It consists of 4 cleaning agents which help to get rid of grease and deep stains efficiently.

  • It can be used for cleaning dirt on the surface of fruits and


  • It features cleaning agents which derive from natural plants such

as palm, coconut and corn.

  • The cleaner also contains Aloe Vera extract.

  • This product is biodegradable.

  • Gentle on our hands

S$11 per bottle, 1000 ml per bottle. Every 50 ml can be mixed with 1000 ml of water, therefore 1 bottle of Concentrated Dish Cleaner can be mixed with water to form 20 bottles. Cheap and good!

  • 这种浓缩清洁剂用于清洁碗,盘和其他厨房用具。 它可以有效去除污渍和油脂,使您的物品完全干净。 此外,有可能用这种清洁剂去除蔬菜和水果表面的污垢。 由于其清洁剂来自天然植物,这种清洁剂是可生物降解的产品。



  • 可用于清洁蔬菜和水果表面的污垢。

  • 它具有源自天然植物的清洁剂,例如如棕榈,椰子和玉米。

  • 清洁剂还含有芦荟提取物。

  • 是一种生物降解的产品

  • 呵护双手

每瓶S $ 11,每瓶1000毫升。 每50毫升可与1000毫升水混合,因此1瓶浓缩清洁剂可与水混合形成20瓶。价廉物美!

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